Let's Dance!

Nia jam mirror

Thursday, December 12. 5:45 pm.  Our Thursday night class, especially in the darker months, often allows us to fall into the rhythm that takes us deep inside ourselves. This night offers music of winter, peace, and transformation.

Saturday, December 14. 9:30 am. Let’s start slowly, warm up well, and generate both good cheer and steady energy.  Songs like “Soul Cake” remind us to share our good fortune. “Winter” by Lahr is a jazzy invocation of snow, and we’ll keep that jazzy vibe throughout the routine. 

Monday, December 16. 4:30 pm. Let’s put on some tutus and play! The holidays are meant to be fun because they’re a break from our ordinary routine as well as distraction from dark and cold. The lights and the pretty ornaments remind us that sensual pleasure – what we see and smell and touch – enhances our lives. This class is devoted to the joy of movement.

Thursday, December 19. 5:45 pm. Margie’s been dancing Nia with us since the Midtown days, so whatever Margie wants, she gets. Margie wants “Santa Baby.” What do you want? Put in your requests, and tonight’s class will be your favorite holiday hits. Email me.

Saturday, December 21. 9:30 am. This is the Winter Solstice, and the music and class honor this transition.

Holiday Fundraiser Jam 

with Anna, Beth, Erin, Kate & May, at noon on

 Sunday, December 22. Benefits S.A.F.E. House,

providing emergency shelter, rapid rehousing, & services to empower survivors of domestic violence

Monday, December 23. 4:30 am. ChrismaHanukah.

Christmas Eve morning class, December 24, at 10 a.m.

Thursday, December 26. 5:45 pm. We dance to Hanukah, winter songs written by Jews, and some of our favorite songs from 2019. .

Monday, December 30, 4:30 pm. Celebrate the decade with songs from 2010-2019. Party class!

New Year’s Day, January 1, 2020

reflection at 11 am and Nia class at noon

From 11:00 am to noon, we write, draw, talk, and release 2019. Then we invite in the qualities and allies we wish to bring into 2020. I’ll send you home with ways to play with setting visions and intentions for what you need to thrive.

The Nia class begins at noon. We will dance the quality of Expansion. What can get bigger and take up more space? How will we grow more widely and deeply as we step into this new year and new decade?

 Each session is one class card or $10 drop in. You’re welcome to come to one or both.

Want to know what it’s like to take a Nia class? 

Check out the fun we had dancing at Studio Sway.

Promo video shot & edited by Ailin O’Neall.

Dancers: Diane Agnew, Michele Carter, Hayley Davis, Elyse Fahey, Jennifer Fiordelisi, Susan Goodan, Katie Jackson, Carl Parker, Gia Scarpeta, Heidi Wolne, and Barb Wulf