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What if every day in June I did something adventurous? What if every day had some kind of adventure?

I am aiming for an adventure a day in June.

Learn something new and practice

June 1- I ran the bosque trails using what I’d learned the day before from a fabulous run form coach, Janet Runyan. I focused on three things — hinge at hips, lats down to connect to hips, arms relaxed with hands near hips. It went like this: get the hinge, lose extension. Extend, lose the lats. Get the lats, relax the arms, whoops, lost the hinge. For six miles, I was finding each one again and adjusting. When it came together, even for just a few moments, it felt great, perfect. We don’t really learn something until we practice it. Practice is an adventure. We discover, we take risks, we fail, and we go at it again. 

Make a plan

June 2 -Do you ever worry that you’ll throw a party and no one will come? That would be every party I ever have. One year we were a small group, much smaller than the usual summer potluck, and, really, it was lovely. I could talk with everyone, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. Now that’s part of my plan, that whether big or small it will be wonderful. Plan on life being wonderful. 

Do what I always do, and do it differently

June 3 -  Instead of jumping in the car, I got on the ElliptiGo and rode to the library and then the food co-op, La Montanita. I’ve never used the Go for transportation before, only for a workout on the bosque trails. Today’s adventure required some courage and faith. Courage to mix it up with the cars and to try something new and to trust that the bike lock would be sufficient. Faith that it’s a good world with good people and all would be well. I knew it was an adventure because I had a bit of excitement and was a tiny bit anxious — and then I felt accomplished afterwards.

the adventure I didn’t want to have

June 4 - This day’s unexpected and really not very welcome adventure was discovering that the hybrid battery on my Prius is dying. 

Would I keep putting in money to repair this car? 

Would I go into debt to buy a replacement? 

What was the wise choice? 

What is the intuitive choice? 

What’s my desire? 

How will I make my decision?

Go someplace new

June 5 - So today I’m buying a car. I had trouble sleeping last night. I’m starting to shift from oh hell no into this is exciting. A new car should be a huge luxury, a wonderful treat, the sweetest of adventures. I’m shifting my focus. I want to be in love with my car. I want to feel grateful and satisfied. I want to believe I deserve nice things. I want to worry less about the debt and just handle it. It’s not the best but it’s not unmanageable. If this is where I’m going, I want to go there solidly.

The plan for today’s adventure, however, originally was not to buy a car. The plan was to run the foothills with a new running friend. 

We started the run at the Michael Emery Trailhead at 7:15 am. The first mile was up and up and up. Laura let me talk and talk and talk. I talked about relationships and my worries, and I talked about buying a car. We were running hard over the trail. An hour later, I had sweat out my grief and worries. It’s too beautiful for worries. It’s too beautiful for how small I am. 

We took the Littles on an adventure: to hunt for ripe mulberries on the bosque. It was hot, and the twins were tired, but they gorged on the purple berries, the juice dripping down their faces so they looked like young tiny vampires. Our hands were stained blue. 

After lunch and a rest, I set out to buy my white 2016 Prius 2. I took her out on a short date and then committed to a long-term relationship. 

I’m pretty wiped out by this day. I should be in bed already but I’m on the couch, re-watching The Martian, a thrilling and funny adventure story about people who are really smart and have lots of courage and heart. We all love a good adventure story, yes?