If it's on this section of my website, it's because I either like it or love it. All of these are items I wear and enjoy, and I think you may as well. Enjoying what we're wearing is a lovely part of being human. Feeling good in our clothes can support us in feeling good about ourselves. It's worth our while to invest in clothing that looks, fits, and feels great. 

Instructors often get a discount on clothing so that we'll wear items to class and let our students know where we got the items. This does not influence me to leave a good review; only loving an item influences me to write a good review. 

I'm a former ambassador to Lululemon and a current ambassador for YMX by Yellowman. I adore both these brands. If I had to wear no other workout clothing, I could live on Lulu and YMX (fortunately, I don't have to limit myself). This does not influence me to post a good review. There are items from both Lululemon and YMX that don't work for me, and I will not be posting those reviews here. You don't need to read about clothes that aren't spectacular. You need to know where to find stuff that feels and looks great. 

Local places in ABQ to find cool clothes

For both movement and outdoor/hiking clothes, go to REI.  REI has a fantastic return policy for its members.  If you buy something and discover a few weeks (or months) later that it doesn’t fit or feel right, you may return it, even if you’ve worn it. Find REI online (both retail and outlet).  They ship your order directly to the store so there are no shipping charges.  REI is a cooperative, and members receive a dividend from their year's purchases.  

Lululemon is open at Uptown. They are right next to Anthropologie in the Uptown center that is across from Trader Joe's.  I’d rather wear Lululemon pants than any other for dancing; they fit that well and look that good. They’re not inexpensive; this is long-lasting, performance clothing. Lululemon offers no-charge hemming on their pants, which also come in long lengths. 

Sportz Outdoors on Montgomery is a bit more expensive than REI.  They’re great for running clothes as well as leisure-to-work clothes that are comfortable, stylish, and eco-friendly.  They are a NM business rather than a national chain, another great reason to shop there. They often run 30% off sales, though beware: they offer credit only on sales returns.

Strive is a woman-owned, local business at Paseo Crossings at Wyoming & Paseo, a few blocks from Trader Joe’s.  Strive has brands such as Prana, Isis, Horny Toad, and Lole as well as a good selection of Tom's Shoes. They have some fabulous sales, up to 75% off.  Their return policy is credit only.

I also find good workout basics at two chain stores, TJ Maxx and Ross.   

Savers is now open at Carlisle and Menaul. This thrift store is now the biggest Savers in the US. There is another one on the West side near Corrales road and 528. Savers is good for just about everything.  I've found fitness apparel in organic cotton, by Nike, by Lululemon, and by dancewear brands.  I've found sparkle and glitz galore as well.  Savers really rocks when you want a pair of Gap jeans. They always have a gazillion pairs in every length and size, though it takes some persistence to find yours. I get a lot of work basics there, too --  Ann Taylor, Jones New York, Banana Republic -- items that are classic and never go out of style. Just remember to shop your size plus one or two sizes above your usual size (and if you haven’t shopped in a while, also try a size or two below). As Americans have grown (supposedly, 60% of us are overweight), sizes have shifted. What used to be a 10 is now a 6.  Also, the juniors and misses sizes are mixed on the same racks, and juniors can be one or two sizes smaller (thinner thighs, lower rises).  Women’s sizes are even numbers, and juniors are odd. If you usually wear an 8 in pants or skirts, you may be a 9 or 11 in juniors.  Clothes made 10 years ago may fit you in size 10 or even 12. However, something made in the last year may fit you in a size 6. Enjoy the process of browsing, and know that the size tag is only a very general indication of whether something will fit.   

Buffalo Exchange, another place for used clothing, features current styles.  Their clothes are oriented more for young adults in their 20s or 30s but they have plenty of fun designer clothes and shoes.  Check there first if you’re looking for a new purse. They’re in Nob Hill.    

Once you have your new clothes, or your new-to-you pre-owned clothes, sometimes they need altering.  Go to Final Stitch at Montgomery & Louisiana (same plaza as TJMaxx and Shoes on a Shoestring). The tailor there does nice work, and please tell him I sent you. 

Online sources for cool dress up - both casual for work and fancy for work out - These are very soft, comfortable clothes that dance well and are machine-washable.  This is an environmentally-friendly and worker-friendly business based in Colorado. has lovely braided tops and flowy pants. Jamie Klein in Santa Fe has been retailing these fun, feminine clothes. You can contact her to see when is her next trunk show or if she can order something for you. for batik workout pants.  These are kind of like buying art to move around in.  The colors & designs are intense. has the type of hiking and workout clothing that REI does, but with a bit more style and fit for women.  They are not inexpensive (okay, sometimes they’re very expensive); however, the quality is sometimes outstanding.  Just check out the sale items. Their return policy is phenomenal; items can be returned any time, even after being worn. 

More great stuff?  Look at,, and I got excellent customer service from Activewear, and they have a huge range of yoga and workout clothes.