YMX long sleeve shirts

Run with Kenyans

I found YMX 6 or 7 years ago, and I fell in love. The designs are gorgeous. I love the long sleeve tops the best because they are the perfect light layer for running and the perfect light weight for teaching a cardio class in an air conditioned space. 


The top fits true to size, but I own three sizes and they all work. Though my best size is a small, I have a medium that drapes well so even though it’s a bit bigger, it doesn’t look baggy. Some tops are boxy, but these have a feminine fit. They’re made for athletes; I’ve got room in the shoulders and across the bust. It’s also long enough to keep me covered when I’m moving. 

All of this means I feel super comfortable wearing them. Tops that are tight make me self-conscious about my middle, and tops that are too boxy and baggy make me feel old and frumpy. These tops manage to cover what needs to be covered and still show my form. I feel confident in these shirts. 


No sweat marks, no chafing, no snagging (even when I pinned on my racing number). I wear a long sleeve shirt when I’m out to run early in the day. It might be 65 degrees when I head out and 72 by the time I’m home. I just roll up the sleeves. The fabric is UPF30+ so I’m getting some protection from the sun. 

It’s also so light-weight that on one run I wore a tank underneath and when I wanted to take off the layer, I just rolled it into a ball and stuffed it into a pocket of my running pants. 

In the winter, this top is my base layer because it’s super thin and easy to fit under another warmer shirt or hoodie. 

The fabric doesn’t wrinkle, so it’s also perfect for travel. If you need to wash it in a sink and let it hang to dry, it’s quick dry and will dry smooth without wrinkles. No, really, this stuff is great. 


I got several comments about my shirt on race day. It stands out. The designs and colors are gorgeous, so I collect a lot of them. I already owned four long sleeve tops before I became a YMX ambassador.  I’m always excited to see what are the new designs and colors because they’re gorgeous. Buy at www.ymxbyyellowman.com